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      ABOUT US
      "Efficiency Medical Products Company" was founded in 1980 specializing in a comprehensive range of medical equipments. Since 1996, it has been renamed to "Efficiency Medical Products Co., Ltd".

      Throughout these years, we have been importing advanced medical devices of supreme quality primarily from USA, Japan & Germany including Electrosurgical Units, Surgical Instruments, ENT / Gyne Workstation, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Equipment, Plinth, Blood Pressure Monitors, Medical Scales, Autoclaves, Diagnostic Instruments, Hospital Beds / Furniture and more...

      We also manufacture our own line of products, ‘D & N’, such as: Air Mattress, TENS and 2 & 3 section Manipulative Couches.

      With our broad client network and understanding of customer needs, we have earned praise from various medical professionals as well as private customers.

      We guarantee all of our customers receive fast, efficient and reliable services with sincerity. Our dedication to excellence has given us strong reputation within the industry and we look forward to an opportunity to serving you in the near future.

      義發醫療器材公司成立於1980年,專營各類醫療器材用品, 於1996年,已改名為義發醫療器材有限公司。


      本公司並設立生產線 - D&N,提供不同類型的產品,例如: 氣墊床,電療機以及檢查床等。


      義發以誠懇的態度,為每位顧客提供快捷、有效及可靠的服務。 至今已發展為信譽昭著,實力雄厚的公司。